Human Performance

I am going to be on a panel at Kenyon College this Thursday. The occasion is the official opening of their new performance center. It is a spectacular facility. It is easily one of the best in the US. The panel will be on Human Performance. Each of us was asked to submit our ideas on what Human Performance is. The following is my response:

For me Human Performance represents testing limits physically, psychologically and intellectually. There are no limits that Human Performance cannot overcome. Even though my perspective from a professional standpoint is sport, I am equally fascinated by all realms of human performance. Human Performance transcends disciplines.

An elderly neighbor overcoming the effects of a stroke

A child taking their first steps

A writer taking the 26 letters of the alphabet and fashioning those into words, sentences and paragraphs

A composer taking seven notes and combining them to produce a symphony

There are no limits if you continually test the limits.


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