Comeback from What?

The Yankees' Jason Giambi won the AL's award for his comeback from problems including an inflamed knee, a respiratory infection, an intestinal parasite and a benign pituitary tumor.
This is truly amazing. To me this is an in your face insult to all of us involved in sport. It shows how far into the sand the sports writers have their heads buried. This guy is a drug user, that is a fact, not an assumption. Think of the message both overt and subtle this sends. As far as I am concerned this award just means that that he found someone to replace BALCO. The eyes do not deceive; it was amazing to watch his physical transformation during the season. It would be interesting to see how many times during the season he was tested and what he was tested for. It is time to stop the façade. Why are they testing? They should just let it be a freak show, legalize everything and watch the ball fly out of the park. Folks the system is corrupt and working with a distorted sense of values.


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